The Sound of Water

Past, present, future

Passing before my eyes

Teaching me patience

Washing my thoughts away

Telling me, this too shall pass.

The sweetest sound

Streaming along

Always there, and everlasting

Won’t give up on my hopes and dreams

Tears fall down my cheeks

Finding their way into my heart.

Glowing in the sun, yet cold to your touch

Everything is not always as it seems

Take your time, learn your lessons.

Half empty or half full? Turn right or turn left?

Dive deep or stay close?

Keep your heart pure like the sound of water

And you will decide well.

Why pick and choose, either or?

Settling and compromising

When you can just flow

Through this nook and that corner

With time and persistence

Isn’t anything possible?

Restless waves pound the shore

Majestic and threatening

Pushing my dreams to the surface

All doubt floats to the top

Only to crash down on my plans again and again

Then rising me back through the swelling tide

Reminding me of the circle of life.

Oh, how beautiful is the sound of water.