AMIRAH™ is an award winning singer songwriter who dipped her toes into the art of songwriting at the tender age of 11. Her early foray into the world of music and songwriting, sparked a lifelong passion which led her to study piano from a young age and eventually the cello. 

Growing up in Malaysia that prides itself as a melting pot of cultures, her music reflects the diversity of her background.  It personifies the idea of East meeting West,  fusing traditional instruments and elements with the modern harmonies of Western music thus creating a sound for herself that is exploratory, bold, and courageous with intense passion and melancholy. With a sultriness to her voice that is subtle yet enticing, her music draws you in to the quiet bravery seen in her lyrics, where she speaks of diversity, equality and acceptance, not only through her lyrical content, but in her music arrangement as well. 

Amirah's first release, “Katakanlah”, delves lyrically into difficult and heartfelt topics
referencing to the desecration of houses of worship within Malaysia, and was featured on Bernama TV news after a strong following was gained by renowned Malaysian bloggers and activists including Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, the daughter of Malaysia’s ex-Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, Patrick Teoh, Sivin Kit, Syed Akbar Ali and Anas Zubedy.

In a world that is sometimes rout by political, cultural and religious insensitivities, where there’s a clash of the old and the new, Amirah’s music is a fine example in which it demonstrates that traditions and modernity are able to progress as one, creating a movement that recognizes the importance of unifying the many layers of our multi-cultural society. 

By doing this, Amirah aims to create and produce a new category of music called "Global Hybrid Music™" with the objective to accomplish bringing people from different background together through music.



The ISC International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2011 - USA, Second Place. Beating 15,000 other international entries from 115 countries. Judges include Timbaland, Peter Gabriel and Rihanna.

The ISC International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2013 - USA,  Semi-Finalist. Beating 19,000 entries from over 100 countries. Semi-Finalists makes up 8% of all entries.

The John Lennon Songwriting Competition 2010 -USA, Finalist

The 10th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) 2014 - USA, Best Female Artist

The 13th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMA) 2014 - Nominee

The Voize Independent Music Awards (VIMA) 2013 - Winner of Best Female Artist and Best Performer. 7 nominations including Best Pop Song, Best Pop Act, Best Dance Song, Best Overall Female Act, Best Instrumental, Best Collaboration and Best Music Video.

Nominated in the Instrumental Song Category for “Katakanlah” in the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards

Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2011 & 2013 Top 5 Nominee

Marie Claire Magazine's Women of Substance and Style Award 2011. 



Dato Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia's No. 1 Megastar for the past decade): 18th studio album. "Ikrar Cinta", Album: "Simetrisiti". May 2017. (Universal Music Malaysia). 

Ziana Zain - "Cinta Teragung"

Atilia Haron: "Kurnia Syurgawi", Album: no3. 2017 (Warner Music Malaysia)

Alif Satar: "There We Go" - Album" Lelaki Seperti Aku 2011 (Sony Music Malaysia)

Nadeera: "Hasrat Hati". Single. 2015 (Afrozapin Entertainment)

Malaysia's Government Green Campaign Theme Song: "Suara Harapan" 

ASTRO TV (Malaysia): "Rindu Bayangan" Theme Song: Producer. Director: Erma Fatima

RTM TV1 (Malaysia): "Lang: Penjaga Hutan" Theme Song TV Animation Series. Composer, Producer, Vocals.



Clorets Music Confi - Dance Volume 1. 2010 Virgin Megastores, Cairo, Egypt.

The Best of VIMA: Sony Music Entertainment (Malaysia) 2013

Malaysia's World Music Artists Album - Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) 2013

Asian Playground (Putumayo) 2015

Bangkit Compilation Album 2010